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Commodore & Amiga Repairs

With a full stock of parts and components and a repair technician with a decade experience in repairing vintage computers we're able to offer a full repair service for all makes and models of Commodore & Amiga systems as well as other makes and models from the same era (Apple //, Amstrad, Tandy, Atari and more). For more details see the Repair & Servicing tab for specifics on Commodore 64, 128, Vic-20 and the Amiga 500, 600, 1000, 1200, 2000, 3000 and 4000.
Repair & Servicing
Games Console Repair and Servicing

Our service department restores, repairs and services all video game consoles as well as old make computers. Check the Repair & Servicing tab for details on each console, if details aren't available for your console or specific repair please feel free to contact us with the details of the fault or repair that you need.
Combined Shipping

We've recently updated the combined shipping calculations for our gaming accessories. The combined shipping for your order is calculated based on the items in your cart, their weight and size and the destination. With the latest updates you'll find shipping is now cheaper than ever!