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Repair & Servicing
Commodore 64 Repairs
Commodore 64
The computer that started a revolution, the Commodore 64 brought programming, gaming and computing to the masses - as Jack Tramiel would say "Computers for the Masses not the Classes". Selling an estimated 10-17 million systems the C64 will forever be remembered for it's versatility, incredible three channel SID sounds, it's enormous game library and the easy programming ability which helped give rise to a generation of computer programmers.

We service and repair the C64 and C64C and carry a full range of replacement parts on-hand. We can also service & repair 1541 and 1541-II disk drives as well as tape drives, and we can load test your power supply to ensure it's still working within tolerance.

As a courtesy we run a full diagnostic test on each Commodore 64 that is serviced or repaired to ensure every chip, every port and every function is working properly.

For repairs on your Commodore 64 we charge $35 which includes a clean & service, diagnosis of the fault and full testing after repair  - replacement parts and replacement chips are additional, you'll find a list of common parts below. If your system is badly damaged (extensive corrosion or damage from a previous sub-standard repair for example) additional work may be required - we will let you know before starting any work on the system with no charge if you don't want do procceed with the repair.
Clean and Service
Service & Repair

MOS 6510 CPU
MOS 6526 CIA
MOS 906114 PLA
MOS 6581 SID
MOS 8580 SID
MOS 6567 VIC
MOS 6569 VIC
MOS 7701 / 8701
MOS 901225 Character ROM
MOS 901226 Basic ROM
MOS 901227 Kernel ROM
D4164 RAM
D41464 RAM

Most minor components (logic chip, power switch, voltage regulator etc.) are generally $1 - $3. After testing your system we will contact you if more than $20 in parts are required for your approval to proceed with the repair.
Power Supply Testing

The C64 power bricks are now notorious for causing major damage to the Commodore 64 through over-voltage when they fail, or are failing. We have a specialised load tester to run your power supply under heavy load for an hour, allowing us to check that the voltage is stable and that it is remaining within an acceptable range while in use. We also measure the ripple current of the power supply which, when elevated is in indicator of imminent failure even when the voltage appears to be normal.

While we can check that the power supply is currently working within specification and that there are no signs of imminent failure, we can't make any guarantees as a power supply can fail without warning. For the best protection against power supply failure we recommend using Ray Carlsen's C64 Saver or one of his new power supplies.

Ray Carlsen's C64 Power Supplies
Keyboard Repair

If some of the keys on your keyboard are no longer working, or need multiple attempts to get them to work you most likely need to have the keyboard contacts and plungers cleaned. In some cases key plungers may need to be replaced, or the keyboard replaced itself if it has been damaged or corroded.

If your keyboard is missing keys we can replace them for you as well.
Tape Drive Servicing & Repair

Tape drives for the C64 often wander out of alignment, get dirty read heads and have loose/broken belts. We can service and repair all Commodore tape drives to get you back to playing those old tape games again!
1541 Disk Drive Service and Repair

If your disk drive isn't powering up, isn't working properly or is struggling to read disks we can get you up and running again. Similar to our C64 Motherboard repairs our 1541 repairs are fixed rate for labor with parts additional. If there is extensive or major damage to the drive we will advise before proceeding with the repair with no charge if you don't wish to proceed.
Keyboard Contact & Plunger Clean
Keyboard Plunger Replacement
Key Cap Replacement
Key Cap & Plunger Replacement
Complete Keyboard Replacement
Tape Drive Head Clean & Alignment
Tape Belts Replacement
Disk Drive Head Clean & Service
Service & Repair
Australian Service Centre

Game Supply is based in Victoria, Australia. We service Melbourne & Ballarat, and offer services to Australia and International customers by post-in post-out. Return postage is at cost from Australia Post for Australian customers (normally the same that it costs to send the parcel to us), we use your packaging to return your equipment so there are no handling or additional fees. For international customers return postage is by Fedex, DHL, TNT or Australia Post.