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Repair & Servicing
Nintendo NES Repairs
Nintendo NES
One of the most groundbreaking and dominant consoles of all time, the Nintendo NES is a core system in any retro gaming collection. With games like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man and Castlevania - the NES introduced modern platformers and adventure games to the world!

We service and repair the Nintendo NES. See below for more detail on each repair service.
Clean and Service
Power Circuit Repair
Replace 72 Pin Cartridge Connector
Motherboard Replacement
RAM Replacement
We perform repairs for people Australia wide and as such work on a post-in post-out system. Return postage is not included in the repair fee and is payable along with your repair fee once the repairs are completed. Your console is shipped back through Australia Post with tracking and signature on delivery. When posting your console ensure that it is packed safely and securely - we will use the same packaging to return the console to you

Prices include GST and are cover general repairs as indicated. If your console has major damage which requires more lengthy repair we will contact you before commencing repairs - if you choose not to go ahead there's no charge for the evaluation.

All repairs are covered by our comprehensive 6 month parts and labor warranty.
Power Circuit Repair
If your Nintendo NES doesn't switch on, you may have an issue with your power circuit or power adapter. Not to be confused with a worn out 72 Pin Connector, with power failure your console will not power on (no power light flashing or constant and no picture).

We can test both your console and power adapter, and where power adapter failure has occured we recommend replacing your old adapter with a modern replacement. Where the power circuit in your console has failed we can provide repair. In cases of catastrophic failure (unprotected power surge, lightning strike etc) damage can be present beyond the power circuit.

72 Pin Cartridge Connector Replacement
The most common complaint with the NES is a worn out cartridge connector - with the problem generally presenting as a blinking power light and cartridges only loading after a lot of persuasion, or not loading at all. Brand new replacements are available to bring your NES back to life and so you can load games the first time every time.

Be sure to check your game cartridges for dirty electrical contacts which can contribute to the problem, and can cause problems even after a new 72 Pin Connector is installed. The contacts should be bright and shiny, free of tarnish, debris and corrosion. Cartridge contacts can be cleaned using cotton buds and a gentle solvent (typically Isoporopyl Alcohol).
Motherboard Replacement
If your NES has sustained significant damage on the motherboard is may require replacement with a refurbished board. A refurbished board comes with a brand new 72 Pin Connector installed to held load your games first time every time.
RAM Replacement
Does your NES power up to a garbled half working screen? Your RAM chip(s) may have failed and need replacing. Have your RAM chips replaced with brand new ones to get your NES back in action!