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Repair & Servicing
Sega Master System Repairs
Sega Master System
The Sega Master System was Sega's breakthrough console into the home entertainment market. With memorable games such as Alex Kidd, Phantasy Star and Wonderboy, the Master System remains one of the 80's best video game consoles.

We service and repair both the Master System 1 and Master System 2. See below for more detail on each repair service.
Power Circuit Repair
AV Upgrade (RCA Video & Mono Audio)
Power Light Upgrade
Motherboard Replacement
Clean & Service
We perform repairs for people Australia wide and as such work on a post-in post-out system. Return postage is not included in the repair fee and is payable along with your repair fee once the repairs are completed. Your console is shipped back through Australia Post with tracking and signature on delivery. When posting your console ensure that it is packed safely and securely - we will use the same packaging to return the console to you

Prices include GST and are cover general repairs as indicated. If your console has major damage which requires more lengthy repair we will contact you before commencing repairs - if you choose not to go ahead there's no charge for the evaluation.

All repairs are covered by our comprehensive 6 month parts and labor warranty.
Power Circuit Repair
If your Master System doesn't switch on, you may have an issue with your power circuit or power adapter. The Master System 2 doesn't have a power light which can make it difficult to determine if the power is coming on or not. In some cases a failing power supply can cause power circuit failure in the console. In others you may get no picture due to a failed RF circuit (produces the signal for your TV) and have a working power circuit.

The Master System 2 comes standard with RF output which connects to the Antenna-In on your television. The first step for most is to double check that you're connected to the Antenna In on your TV, your game cartridge has clean contacts if they are exposed - and that you've run a channel tuning scan on your TV with the Master System switched on & game inserted to attempt to pick up the signal.

AV Upgrade (RCA Video and Mono Audio)
The AV Upgrade is an excellent way of modernising a Master System 2 so that it connects to the standard composite inputs (AV Inputs) on your modern TV. The RF box is removed from the Master System and new components are added to filter the signal for AV output. Three new sockets are mounted on the rear of the case allowing you to use an RCA cable to connect directly to your TV (no more tuning!).

The AV Upgrade is also the recommended repair for consoles with failing RF modules (fuzzy or distorted picture).
Motherboard Replacement
In some cases a replacemend motherboard is the best option for repair. In some storage conditions water can enter the Atari console and in coastal environments salt-laden humidity can condense on the motherboard causing rapid corrosion. Power surges originating either from your 9V power supply or from the power lines can surge through the console causing damage to critical components.
Clean and Service
Due to the design of the Sega Master System, dust and debris often accumulates in the cartridge socket and console itself causing issues and problems with games loading. With a clean and service we clean out your console and clean the cartridge connector, an excellent preventative maintenance step and a cure for many game loading issues. We also perform a quick check for failing componentry and test your console after completion.